Awakening the Archetype of the Deathwalker

Activate the wisdom of your soul’s calling

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This course will give structure and direction to the deathwalker energy stirring inside you.

    • You’ll find language and affirmation for what you’ve been feeling, but haven’t been able to articulate.
    • You’ll understand the nature, characteristics, and qualities of the deathwalker archetype, and its role in healing.
    • You’ll learn about how the archetype expresses itself, through people like you, on behalf of your community.
    • You’ll identify the ways and reasons that this healing wisdom isn’t (yet) validated or supported in Western culture.
    • You’ll discover the steps for deepening and developing this soul-gift, in a community of peers and colleagues.

When you can make sense of what you’re experiencing, the healing gift you carry for the world will begin to take shape.

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