Caring, Death, and Loss at a Distance

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(This course was previously named Caring, Death, and Loss in a Pandemic)

Distance healing techniques to care for your loved one, before and after they die.


  • Learn how the body and soul release each other at death, and how you can gently support that process, even from a distance.
  • Discover a set of simple but powerful ritual healing practices for the deathbed and afterwards, and the confidence to apply them as they’re needed.

Dying people are in the process of leaving their bodies, so their consciousness is more attuned to the subtle realms. Spiritual and distance healing practices operate at those subtle frequencies and they offer a powerful but gentle way to support this process.

Caring for our loved ones as they die doesn’t stop with their last breath.
Part of our gift to them is to support them as they leave their bodies, and as they begin the journey to the other side.


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