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The links to the left will take you to short videos (with transcripts) that introduce each module in this three-part program. 

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Crossing the Veil

This module looks at the spiritual and energetic dynamics that occur in the time immediately before, during, and after the last breath. It’s designed for people who will be navigating an upcoming death (or supporting others) and helps you understand what’s happening at a soul for everyone involved – the living, the dying and the dead.

Crossing the Veil also contains important teachings about the difference between change, transition, and transformation, and how rituals support those processes.

What Happens After We Die?

This module looks at the big arc of non-ordinary experiences as they relate to death, dying and being dead. It’s a good fit for people hoping to make some sense of how our individual lives and deaths fit into a bigger picture, especially as you prepare for or process a death of someone important to you.

What Happens After We Die? also has some helpful information on more complicated deaths, like suicide and overdose, and how they can be seen through a lense of health and healing.

Grief and Loss as Initiation

This module is an exploration of the experience of loss and how we move through it to find health and strength on the other side. It’s well suited for people facing or integrating a death, and it focuses on what’s happening inside us and on this side of the veil, as we make our way through our healing journey.

Grief and Loss as Initiation is particularly useful for helping people to understand where they are in the grieving process (before or after a death), and what they can expect as things progress.

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