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Find the skills and confidence to meet death well

  • Explain the mystical experiences that happen around death, in clear and accessible language
  • Support the living as they prepare for, or heal from, the death of a loved one
  • Counsel a dying person about how their soul will separate from their body, cross the river, and begin the next phase of its journey
  • Help people make meaning of difficult experiences (including suicide, sudden death, pregnancy loss, and dementia) so that the unbearable can become more bearable

Deepen your own transformation

Developing the skills of sacred deathcare is about transformation, not information. As you deepen your relationship with the archetypal processes described in these maps, you’ll become a different person.

  • You’ll come to trust your own mystical experiences and intuitive intelligence
  • You’ll begin to embody these energetic patterns in the structures of your medicine body
  • You’ll form deeper collaborative relationships with the larger archetypal powers
  • You’ll be able to hold a sacred healing space in which the bereaved, the dying and the dead can heal, learn, and grow.

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