Meeting our Mortality Well

Carina Lyall’s Becoming Nature podcast  explores “ceremony, community, elderhood, expression, keeping it real, life and its medicine.” It’s totally my cup of tea! In this animated conversation we talk about how all those important topics fit with meeting death well.

118 thoughts on “Meeting our Mortality Well”

  1. So much of this conversation resonated with me. I notice that some are unfamiliar with dealing with loss and grief as part of the cyclical nature of existence and non-existence. Thank you for articulating so that I can integrate these ideas and share them with my clients. Ursula.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I just listened to the podcast ‘Meeting Mortality’ . Thanks for your generous explanations of your life work which kind of resonates with me. I look forward to to taking some of you PDs again when I have completed my current counselling studies related to palliative care. Take care. David

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