This was my second interview on The Numinous Podcast with Carmen Spagnola. Here’s what Carmen says in her post about it:

“The most incredible thing happened during the taping of this episode. Precisely what I was asking Sarah advice around happened…to her. This episode is dedicated to Sarah’s deceased cat, Luna, and all those who are suffering grief over the death of a beloved animal, or tree friend, or natural landscape. Sarah generously wrote about her experience on her blog.

Sarah Kerr is a death doula and ritual healing practitioner. She works with dying people and their families, as well as families navigating the death of a pet, and also lectures and teaches about death care and the healing power of ritual.

In this episode, we talk about the nuts and bolts of dying well, (are there things you should or shouldn’t say to a dying person?), being a death doula (how do you manage your energy being in such intense environments?), and ways to honour the death of animals and trees.”

Listen here