Learn to meet death in ways that are more healing, more whole, and more holy.

Sacred Deathcare Courses


This is the place to start.

If you’re navigating a personal death or loss, these courses will give you tools to face it with grace.

If you support dying people and their families, these courses will give you confidence to offer grounded spiritual guidance.

An Introduction to Psychopomps

Learn about these important soul guides to the afterlife. Understand their role in the spiritual dynamics of death and dying.


The Archetype of the Deathwalker

Make sense of your calling to support dying people and their families. Take your place in a lineage of soul-workers and ritual healers.

$99 CAD / ~ $75 USD

The Soul’s Journey Through Death and Loss

This three-module program offers practical spiritual guidance for both families and practitioners.

$299 CAD / ~ $225 USD


These focused masterclasses address specific sacred deathcare issues. They offer practical and spiritual resources for families, friends, and practitioners.

Subtle Energy for Sacred Deathcare

Tools to stabilize your energy body to hold space for death and loss. Techniques for collaborating with the healing forces in the field.

$99 CAD / ~ $75 USD

Caring, Death, and Loss at a Distance

Healing practices for when you can’t be physically together. Gentle, accessible rituals for before, during, and after the last breath.

$99 CAD / ~ $75 USD

Emotional Boundaries for Death Doulas

Practical self-care skills for those who feel deeply. Ritual skills for staying present to grief without being overwhelmed by it.