Learn to meet death in ways that are more healing and more whole.

Sacred Death Care Courses

If you’re navigating a personal death or loss, these courses will give you tools to face it with grace.

If you support dying people and their families, these courses will give you confidence to offer grounded practical and spiritual guidance.

Newest Course

Designing a Healing Funeral

How to plan a ceremony that fits your values and soothes your soul

• Develop ritual skills to meet death in a soul-based way.

• Help the living express their love and integrate their grief.

• Hold space for the dead person as they transition

$169 CAD (~$124 USD)

Course Library

Sacred Deathcare Principles

The Soul’s Journey Series

This course series offers pragmatic maps for the spiritual journey of death and loss.

With perspectives from nature-based spirituality and modern consciousness research, these modules cover the core principles of the soul’s journey, including what happens:

  • For the dying person and their loved ones, during the dying process
  • For the dying/dead person, after they leave their physical body
  • For the living, as we a navigate the grief of a loved one’s illness and death

Awakening the Archetype of the Deathwalker

Make sense of your calling to support dying people and their families. Take your place in a lineage of soul-workers and ritual healers.

$129 CAD / ~ $95 USD

The Soul’s Journey Through Death and Loss

Understand the spiritual geography of living and dying. Learn to meet death with grace and confidence.

$299 CAD / ~ $219 USD

Sacred Deathcare Practices

The Doing Death Better Series

This growing series of classes gives you pragmatic information, insights and practices for meeting each stage in the dying process.

If you’re dying, or helping a dying loved one, these courses will help you make it a beautiful, meaningful and connected experience, for everyone involved.

If you’re a death doula or other helping practitioner, you’ll learn to support dying people and their families in a more soul-based way. 

When Death is Coming

Honour death as an important part of your soul’s journey. Learn practical ritual tools for healing and connection before an expected death.

$169 CAD / ~ $124 USD

Holding Space at a Deathbed

Understand the spiritual and emotional journey of active dying. Learn to greet the last breath with open-hearted compassion.

$169 CAD / ~ $124 USD

After the Last Breath

Learn what to do in the hours and days after a death. Find grounded ritual practices for supporting both the living and the dead.

$169 CAD / ~ $124 USD

Designing a Healing Funeral

Learn to create a ceremony that fits your values and soothes your soul. Celebrate a life, mourn a death, and help everyone begin to move on.

$169 CAD / ~ $124 USD

In-Person Workshops

Across the Veil Constellations

Across the Veil Constellations are the experiential aspect of Sacred Deathcare training.

These transformative rituals help participants develop an embodied, intuitive relationship with Sacred Deathcare principles.

If you are a practitioner, you’ll learn to grow your medicine body to be the map that dying people and their families need. This is the healer’s “stance.”

If you’re a dying or bereaved person, you’ll find healing and grace for unresolved issues with death, dying, or dead people.

Across the Veil Constellations

Explore the soul’s journey in the afterlife. Find connection and resolution with your dead loved ones.


These focused masterclasses address specific sacred deathcare issues. They offer practical and spiritual resources for families, friends, and practitioners.

Subtle Energy Practices for Death Doulas

Stabilize your energy body to hold space for death and loss. Recognize and collaborate with the healing forces in the field.

$169 CAD / ~ $124 USD

Caring, Death, and Loss at a Distance

Support a dying loved one with distance healing practices. Tend to your own grief even when you can’t be physically together.

$169 CAD / ~ $124 USD

Navigating Pet Death

Learn soul-care practices for animals and people. Deepen your skills as a pet owner, death doula, or animal care professional.

$199 CAD / ~ $146 USD


The Centre for Sacred Deathcare will be developing a Death Doula Certification program in 2025. Sign up here if you’d like to be notified when it opens for registration.

In the mean time, the courses above provide a grounding and orientation for the Certification program and will be the basis for the rest of the training. The courses above each stand alone, but are designed flow in the order they are listed.