Transformative healing is about growing into the kind of person your experience is asking you to become.

Work directly with Sarah

Mentoring Sessions

I offer individualized support for emerging and existing end-of-life practitioners.

Whether you’re a long-time practitioner or just getting started, sometimes you need a supportive, experienced colleague and a space to discuss your questions and challenges.

  • If you’re called to work with dying people, but aren’t sure where to start, I can help you figure out the best path for your talents and interests.
  • If your practice is evolving and you’re curious about including more soul-centric approaches, I can help you integrate your current skills with the new ones you’re developing.
  • If you have a client with a unique or difficult issue, I can help you diagnose where the energy is stuck and find the healing steps that will help it flow again. I’m not daunted by the odd or the unusual.

90-minute sessions are $250 CAD (approximately $183 USD) and you can book through the calendar below.

“Sarah is educated and trained. There’s a real acknowledgement of the lineage that she’s part of and a respect for who has gone before her.”

~ Kate M.

Death Doula Services

I maintain an active private practice as a death doula, offering sacred deathcare support to anyone experiencing death, loss, or bereavement.

My work draws insights from nature-based spirituality and modern consciousness research. I honour the ancestors and future beings, the spiritual powers, and the wider unseen world. 

If you haven’t found relief through the modern, materialist approach, I invite you to try a soul-centric one.

“If you’re working with Sarah, prepare to be part of a deeply w/holy endeavour.”

~ Tere M.

Book a Session:

Prices are in Canadian dollars. A 90 minute session ($250 CAD) is approximately $183 USD

“I think Sarah sees connections so well because she’s an open vessel – she opens herself up and allows the important information to come forward.”

~ Elise P.