When death is met in a sacred way, the living, the dying, and the dead all benefit.

Free Sacred Deathcare Resources


Saying Goodbye for the Last Time

Learn a 4-step ritual for heartfelt closure. Use the steps even if the death was years ago, or if the relationship was difficult.

How to Talk with a Dying Person

Find the confidence to discuss what really matters. Learn what to say, what not to say, when to speak, and how to stay silent.

An Introduction to Psychopomps

Learn about these soul guides to the afterlife. Recognize the role they play in the spiritual dynamics of death and dying.

Healthy Emotional Boundaries for Death Doulas

Stay present to grief without being overwhelmed by it. Use your empathy and sensitivity as practitioner superpowers.

Deciding to Euthanize a Pet

Find guidance for making the difficult decision to euthanize. Meet pet death with more clarity and confidence.


Sacred Deathcare: A Practitioner’s Guide

Learn the foundational principles of a soul-based deathcare practice. Begin your journey to support dying people and their families.