Ritual skills training for death doulas and others

Learn soul-healing practices for the living, the dying, and the dead.

Transform your relationship with death and with life.

Join the movement to build a death-positive culture.


Holding Space at a Deathbed

How to support a dying person as their body and soul separate

Understand the spiritual and emotional journey of active dying.

Learn to meet the last breath with grace and compassion.

$149 CAD (~$110 USD)

Begin your journey with an introductory ebook

Learn to meet death – and life – in ways that are more healing and more whole.

  • Validate what you intuitively know about the soul’s journey.
  • Learn the what, the why, and how of soul-based death care.
  • Embody your knowledge with confidence and integrity.
  • Find support and inspiration in a network of warm-hearted peers.
Death is hard, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it in Western culture. ~ Dr. Sarah Kerr, PhD




Connecting with the larger whole


Cooperating with archetypal forces


Creating the conditions for healing

Welcome to The Centre for Sacred Deathcare

Hi, I’m Sarah Kerr, and I’m the founder of the Centre for Sacred Deathcare.

There’s a huge gap between the kind of soul-healing we get around death and loss in dominant culture, and the soul-healing we actually need.

We could avoid a lot of unnecessary suffering if we approached the end of life from a wider, more spiritually-aware perspective.

The Centre for Sacred Deathcare helps people meet death –and life– in ways that are more healing, more whole, and more holy.

We offer educational and community-building programs, for death doulas and others, who are called to offer spiritual support to dying people and their families.

Our programs validate your intuitive insights, and give structure and direction to the healing energy inside you, so you can offer it in service to your community

To learn more about the principles of sacred deathcare, and how to get started, I invite you to download our introductory e-book.

Thanks for being part of doing death better.

Ready to develop your sacred deathcare skills?

Start with these online courses:

An Introduction to Psychopomps

  • Learn about these cross-cultural guides to the afterlife, and why they matter to end-of-life practitioners.

Awakening the Archetype of the Deathwalker

  • What the deathwalker archetype is and how to tell if it’s manifesting in you.

The Soul’s Journey Through Death and Loss

  • Comprehensive spiritual maps for each stage in the death and bereavement experience.

A truly sacred approach to deathcare attends to our souls as well as our bodies and to the dead as well as the living.

~ Dr. Sarah Kerr, PhD

Community Feedback

A huge awakening for me

“It was a fabulous training! Sarah’s teaching is articulate, well thought out, and enthusiastically and succinctly presented. It’s clear that she’s passionate about her work around death and healing. This was a huge awakening for me and a powerful stimulus to step further into this field.”


Insight into ways to help my dying patients

“In Sarah’s classes, I gain so much insight into ways to help my dying patients and their families, even how to maintain my own boundaries and well-being as I navigate the spiritual aspects of my work as an ICU nurse.”


Poignant and useful information

“I love Sarah’s trainings. She is always well prepared and the information is incredibly poignant and useful in my work as a Soul Midwife. Her teaching style is very easy to follow and very helpful. She has a gift! I would highly recommend any course Sarah offers.”