Dying well takes a village. If it’s done very well, it also makes one.

Community Feedback

Complex things become simple and clear

Sarah makes complex things simple and clear; her excellent teaching style made it all really useful and interesting. I learned about so many ways that you could be helpful for people who are dying and their families, and I really got a lot out of the course.

~Yvonne K.

It’s amazing to learn from you

What I love about you as a teacher, Sarah, is that you’re completely without ego; you’re confident but very humble. I can just see with your clients, that you really meet them, that you’re the nexus point for sharing information with them.

It’s amazing for me just to see how you communicate, and to learn from you, I’ve taken away a lot. Many thanks.

~Deb S.

Wisdom and practical skill-building

Sarah’s class was an amazing experience, containing tremendous depth and breadth of wisdom and practical skill-building. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

~Maxine S.

Amazing, positive, specific, detailed, practical information

This class, this wealth of information, it felt like a cornucopia, just overflowing with amazing, positive, specific, detailed, practical information. I feel like it answered all the questions I had, and even ones I didn’t have. It just opened up my mind to so many more possibilities. Yes, I have more questions, but that’s a good thing. It was excellent, and Sarah is a wonderful teacher.

~Julie S.

Academic and shamanic at the same time

Thank you for being both academic and shamanic at the same time- that is your gift! I really felt you were so articulate and heart-centered, it was amazing to me! Thank you for helping me really relax even deeper and with more clarity in my medicines.

~Olivia K.

Compared to other end-of-life doula trainings

I have been dabbling in end-of-life doula trainings and you are the most enthusiastic, real person I have yet to encounter. Keep up the good work and I look forward to taking your other courses.

~Cindy P.

A fundamental teacher for me

Thanks, Sarah. You have been and continue to be a fundamental teacher to me through your work and sharing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~Samantha R.

I’m leaving with lots more confidence

I’m leaving this class with confidence – a lot more confidence. I’ve been waiting since I was 5 to actually be able to talk to people about death, people who don’t shy away. Usually I can feel their energy moving away from me, and I haven’t had that today. And that’s the first time. Even at funerals, It’s very, very rare. Even with other spiritual practitioners that don’t deal with death; they deal with life and they have a hard time talking about death. The only other group that I’ve ever been able to communicate and to find the pure joy surrounding death is with animals. So I am beyond grateful for this class.
Thank you.

~Leah J.

Come on in, let’s explore this together

Sarah is very talented and inspired and brings a very vast body of knowledge into a form that you can dive into, and understand in a an easy way. But she’s not definitive. She’s pulling you in. She’s got lots of expertise, but she’s not the be-all, end-all. She’s saying, “Come on in. Let’s explore this together. I’ll be your leader.” But she’s not saying, ‘I’m all of it. I know everything.” Which is—it’s inspired— because she’s trying to create a collective consciousness around this space and this community.

~Marie L.

Sacred and soulful connection to the mysteries of life and death

I recently watched Sarah’s course ‘Awakening the archetype of the Deathwalker’ and there is something magical about the space that Sarah creates. Even though I was unable to make the live call, I most certainly felt connected to the field of containment that she created with the group.

There are few people in the current circles of the death community that bring pause and contemplation to a group field and I am grateful to experience that with Sarah’s course. I am inspired and cracked open to something more soulful and more alive in death. Sarah is authentic in her language and action.

The sacred, soulful and connected ways to the mysteries of life and death through the lens of an ancient newness are present in Sarah’s ways of teaching.

~Evamarie P.

I am excited to connect with like-minded people

Sarah’s desire to build community is evident, and I am excited to connect with other like-minded people through her offerings.

~Brenda K.

I will be revisiting this course.

Thank you for this soulful presentation. I felt wrapped in rituals and sensed the comfort it could bring to others. I liked the reminder of consolation, taking time to be with yearly anniversaries. I will be revisiting this course.

~Suzanne C.

Becoming comfortable in this field 

Seeing Sarah’s level of confidence, I realized, “There are other people like me, and it’s okay for me to be comfortable in this field too.

~Leanne H.

Your presence is delightful and inspiring

Hi Sarah

I was delighted to receive the information about your new class this morning. I always love your workshops. I find being in your presence so delightful and inspiring.

I don’t really have all the words I want to be able to describe my experience of being in your presence. I always deepen my capacity of being with death/living and dying when I have the privilege of being present with you. I am really looking forward to the next one. Although I am not always able to be in the class live, I experience it in the recordings you send.

Much love and gratitude.

~Robyn M.

Flooded with self-compassion

Toward the very end of listening to the recording I was feeling flooded with self-compassion – just acknowledging that we ourselves are like those purple flowers, the roots and bulbs that have emerged again. No cultivation, just the energy is real and still here and has emerged through us. I was feeling great warmth toward myself and compassion for going it alone and surviving and thriving and having found and enjoying a class that unites us.

Just at that moment you called for everyone to write what they were feeling in the chat. And what those attendees wrote was just what I was reflecting on feeling at that moment. I love that connection beyond space and time.

Loved the class, obviously.

Peace and joy,

~Amy E.

Connecting the spiritual with the pragmatic

I felt like I walked into an entirely different world today. I come from a rational, concrete, pragmatic world, and I have always had a feeling for—and a yearning for—the spiritual world but have never really gone there. I’ve always stayed very practical, very pragmatic. This was absolutely wonderful.

Thank you so much.

~Ellen K.

I appreciate your boundless generosity

Thank you, Sarah. You are brilliant. A gift to humanity.

You know, what I appreciate most from your teachings is your boundless generosity. I have never gotten the feeling you were coveting information- just the opposite. You clearly are so self-nurtured, that you know that there is no competition. There is no “mine.” It is all ours and there is plenty to share and it is so needed. This is an invaluable trait to carry as a teacher, and I respect you greatly for it.

With great thanks.

~Anne-Marie K.

I felt supported and validated as I step into this work

I felt very supported, validated, confirmed, acknowledged, and encouraged to take my next steps forward in this area of work.

~Janine L.

A solid foundation for a new practitioner

Sarah shares her personal learnings and expertise about ritual healing so altruistically. She has given me, as a new practitioner, a solid foundation of knowledge.

~Deb S.

The class just flowed beautifully.

One thing I really appreciate about Sarah as a teacher is that she’s so articulate and is able to use myth and metaphor and quotes. The class just flowed beautifully.

~Eileen B.

It helped me clarify what I am called to do

The course was amazing in so many ways, and I see now just how deep you are going with all of this. Brava! You are so needed in this field, and I encourage you to just keep going! The course also helped me clarify more of what I am called to do, which for now is altering the culture one person at a time.

~Leslie E.

Respectful, compassionate, and real

Sarah is very respectful, compassionate, and real. She’s very passionate about her work, and she lays it all out and is very generous in sharing her experiences with us — the joys and struggles, all of it.

~Linda G.

Lots of insight to share

Just finished a course with Sarah—very informative and helpful! For those considering the practice, she has lots of insight to share.

~Carrie L.

I’ve listened three times already

Sarah, I love this class! I have listened three times already and something new comes forward each time. Thank you.

~Connie W.

I really resonate with your manner, presentation, perspective, approach, and energy

Sarah, I’ve been following you for about 3 years. I have appreciated how your work has evolved, and I am really enjoying your most recent work. I finished my third course with you, and I really resonate with your manner, presentation, perspective, approach, and energy.

I especially appreciate the parameters you place to contain sacred space, focus the energy and attention, and facilitate going deeper with the work. It is really palpable, and this time it was much more so than the first two. It was especially felt, speaking from my experience, of course in the shared breakout rooms.

~Elisabeth K.

Sarah put me at ease

I felt very nervous being in the class, because of my lack of knowledge, but Sarah definitely put me at ease. It was easy to approach and everyone felt very accepting.

~Michaela C.

Thank you for your huge heart, your keen clarity, and your deep wisdom

I have completed all three classes and want to say a big thank you for your huge heart, your keen clarity, and your deep wisdom, all conveyed through powerful presence.

I stayed for all the Q&A sessions and am so glad I did – it was wonderful to witness the conversations and sharing.

Thank you again!

~Cynthia B.

A balm for the soul

I was amazed at how clearly and deeply the magic of collective energetic space transfers out of time through this online container. Still very much a balm for the soul. Thank you deeply, Sarah and community.

~Adriane S.

Positive, specific, detailed, practical information

This class was just overflowing with amazing, positive, specific, detailed, practical information. I feel like it answered all the questions I had, and even ones I didn’t have. It just opened up my mind to so many more possibilities. It was excellent, and Sarah is a wonderful teacher.

~Julie S.

Such intimacy with a group of strangers

I am so appreciative of the opportunity to have discussed something so intimate with a group of strangers. We couldn’t have talked about this with just anybody. Thank you for a day of mind-blowing expansion.

~Angela L.

Everything was clear, practical, and useful

Sarah’s “What Happens After We Die” training was a wonderful experience. I found her model very useful, her teaching style engaging, and her stories enlightening. I’m so happy I attended!

~Melody L.

Engaging teaching style and enlightening stories

Sarah’s “What Happens After We Die” training was a wonderful experience. I found her model very useful, her teaching style engaging, and her stories enlightening. I’m so happy I attended!

~Melody L.

This course has changed me at a foundational level 

This course changes the way I am moving forward with my grief process. It provided me with a greater sense of understanding the cycles of what I’m experiencing. With a deeper understanding of the cycles of grief and loss, I am able to see the bigger picture and step towards integration into the ordinary world, once again.

This course has changed me at a foundational level, I am forever grateful and look forward to the next courses I have signed up for.

Thank you, Sarah!

~Megan P.

Tremendous depth of wisdom and skill-building

The class was an amazing experience, containing tremendous depth and breadth of wisdom and practical skill-building. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

Our ancestors knew how to care for their dead. Somewhere along the way, we let that knowledge slip away. It feels like a holy privilege to reclaim it.

~Maxine S.

The course was thought-provoking and inspiring

I participated in Sarah’s “Crossing the Veil” course and found it informative, thought-provoking, and inspiring. If you have the opportunity to take the course, do so: you will not regret it.

~Christina G.

I feel excited to be part of this movement

“I feel excited that this is a movement Sarah is leading, and with her vision many people could benefit from it in the future. I am also excited that with personal searching and guidance from Sarah, I can figure out how I can be part of it.”

~Julie S.

I’m building my foundation for becoming a death doula


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your work and your outreach. I found you when I googled “grieving is a skill.” As I have just suddenly lost a dear friend, I took your Death and Loss as Initiation course. It held my hand in those initial days as I was thrown into the non-ordinary world of suicide. Your map helped me to visualize the process and aim to integrate back into the community. I am actually comforted in knowing that the cycle repeats, as I can plan for it and deal as it comes. Thank you for your wisdom and heart.

I have been exploring my relationship with death and am building my foundation to someday become a death doula. As you mention in your course “How to become a Death Doula,” we are in the beginning of an incredible social movement. I am honoured to be here for it. I’ll be joining you in your next course, both as a student and a griever.

You are changing my life, and your message will reach countless others as I continue to learn.

~Megan S.

A wealth of experience to share

Sarah is a wonderful teacher. She gets right to the point and has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

~Jennifer T.

Both an intellectual and an emotional learning space

I really appreciated the community connection and how you were talking about things that are, in some ways, more intellectual, but you also held a space also for a lot of emotional growth and learning too. Thank you for that.

~Claire H.

I have clarity to share with those I serve

Sarah’s “What Happens After We Die” class was a beautiful, enlightening experience. It has gifted me clarity and a map to share with those I am in service to.

~Chalsi G.

Sarah makes the complex simple.

Sarah makes the complex profoundly simple. As she taught, I felt like she was speaking to me as an individual. I appreciated that a lot.

~Elaine M.

Sarah has enthusiasm and sparklines that enlivens the place

Sarah has this enthusiasm and sparkliness that just enlivens the place. She would get so excited about what was being uncovered as we worked, and she was always seeing connections. In the ritual, it gave us a kind of fuel to keep going, because when you’re working in the realm of the invisible, you need markers other than the visual, and she’s good at identifying those.

~Joanne D.

After this class I have direction on how to help my loved ones to meet death well

Sarah is vibrant and concise and she is down to earth. Sarah and this work are going to change the world. After this class I have direction on how to help my loved ones and those in my community to meet death well. Thank you.

~Ursula Y.

Sarah’s wisdom is based in both direct experience and theory

Sarah is grounded, earthy, solid, light, she’s an open-hearted, giving, joyful, humorous, serene, centred, empathic, soul-listener and hearer. She is reflective before giving an answer to questions, both academic and experiential, basing her wisdom in both direct experience and theory. Through curiosity and yearning, she dives deep to come up with jewels and pearls of wisdom, artistic, creative, inspired, radiant. Thank you.

~Marisol K.

Honesty, humanity, and heartfulness

Honesty, humanity, and heartfulness

I just finished watching the videos on this course. Your honesty, humanity and heartfulness are deeply felt and appreciated. I learned a lot from you, and the other people asked great questions!!

The three words I would choose for how I felt at the end of the class are: Inspired – Grateful – Comforted

Thank you, Sarah, for the wonderful work you do.

~Georgina H.

I’m impressed with your warmth and sincerity

Hi Sarah,

I just finished your class on Doing Death Better. I wanted to let you know that I’m impressed with the content, the depth of the topics and, most of all, your warmth & sincerity. Even though it’s an online course I feel the warmth of you like we’re in the same place. Thank you.

I’m looking forward to finishing this class and starting the other ones.

~Theresa F.

I now feel much more empowered

I recently took the Caring, Death and Loss course and I loved it. Thank you. Thank you for such richness. I have facilitated funerals before, but from just that one course I took with you, I now feel much more empowered.

The ritual image of crossing the river is something so perfect for my spiritual view, and I especially see it being useful in the future when my dad dies because he is a big canoeist and not tied to a spiritual tradition.

~Betsy L.

Student questions were insightful

This extra Q&A after the class was very valuable to me!

I thought the questions from the other students were insightful and the answers from Sarah expanded on what she had provided in the earlier teaching. I love hearing the “looser” version of the dialogue, as well as the more structured portion. Thanks for making both available.

~Jeremy H.