Honouring my Ancestors
and Teachers

I’ve been lucky to study with many wise elders, and I’m grateful for their insights and teachings.

I honour my teachers and their lineages, and hope that I can build on what I’ve been given, to create something of value for those who come after me.

Thank you for everything. I honor your existence. I am a death doula and I am working with a woman in palliative care for a final stage cancer. She is taking palliative chemotherapy and is doing better, she has made her care planning and death planning but as day go by she physically she is…

Dear Sarah. Your work touches my heart. My question is about MAID, and more specifically about what happens to consciousness when it is administered. In other deaths I understand that dying is an organic process where the body knows what to do and where conscious slowly leaves the body from the root chakra to the…

What is remembered lives.

I include my ancestors here, because I come from an ancestor-forgetting culture, and this forgetting is one of the sources of our death-phobia. As we restore our relationship to our dead, we begin to restore our relationship to death.

When I remember that I am one point in a long lineage, I feel gratitude for those who came before me, and pray that I will be a good ancestor to those who come after me.

  • James William “Bill” Kerr

    b. Jan 24 1936 in Coleman AB.
    d. April 5 2017 in Nelson BC.
    m. Sheila Alice Smith, Feb 21 1965 in Calgary AB.

  • Ruby Kerr

    Ruby Kerr

  • Kathleen “Kay” Isobel (Hanson) Kerr

    b. November 18 1919 in Saskatchewan.
    m. Jack Kerr.
    d. September 13 2015 in Blairmore, AB.

  • Simba Kerr

    1997 – 2012

  • Cody Kerr

    1996 – 2008

  • Zora (McNab) Smith

    b. June 7 1909 in Waldo, BC.
    d. July 24 2000 in Calgary, AB.
    m. Walter Smith, Sept 6 1936, Toronto, ON.

  • Jim and Florence (May) Kerr

    Florence Elaine (May): b. June 7 1908 in Lille, AB. d. August 1998 in Blairmore, AB.
    James Runciman: b. Feb 7 1905 in Bienfait, Rupert’s Land, NWT (now Sask) d. Aug 17th 1990 in Blairmore, AB. 
    m. August 10th 1931 in Medicine Hat, Alberta

  • Heidi Kerr

    1972 – 1990

  • Alb and Ida (McIntyre) May

    Ida Jane: b. Nov 29 1886 in Middleville, Lanark, ON. d. Nov 29 1971 in Medicine Hat, AB.
    Albert Daniel: b. Feb 13, 1886 in McDonald’s Corners, ON. d. Sept 21 1961 in Medicine Hat. m. June 19 1907 in Lanark ON.

  • Sarah and Walter Smith

    Walter T., b. 1875, Ireland. d. 1961, Calgary, AB.  
    Sarah E., b. 1876, Ireland. d 1960, Calgary AB.

  • Charles and Alice (Johnson) McNab

    Alice Maude: b. Sept 1972 in Fredricton, NB. d. Dec 30 1937 in Waldo, BC.
    Charles Duncan: b. July 9 1863, ON. d. 1960 in Calgary, AB.
    m. Aug 27 1902 in Nelson, BC.

  • Sarah Ann (Smith) McIntyre

    b. Feb 23 1857 in Smith Falls, ON.
    d. April 7 1939 in AB.
    m. Alexander McIntyre Dec 18 1881 in Lanark, ON.
    photo: Foremost, Alberta 1902

  • John and Annie (Runciman) Kerr

    Annie Thomson: b. Dec 1873 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. d. Aug 15 1932 in Passburg, AB.
    John: b. Dec 1873 in Damellington, Ayrshire, Scotland.  d. 1939 in Passburg, AB.
    m. 1903, Scotland.

  • Walter Alexander Smith

    b. June 30 1909 in Belfast, Ireland. 
    d. 1984 in Calgary AB. m. Zora McNab, Sept 6 1936 in Toronto, ON.

  • Alexander Clyde McIntyre

    b. Dec 14 1849 in Hopetown, Lanark, ON.
    d. Aug 22 1930 in Bellvue, AB.
    m. Sarah Ann Smith, Dec 18, 1881 in Lanark, ON.
    photo: Bassano AB, 1925

  • Dan and Agnes (Duncan) May

    Agnes: b. Jan 4 1861 in Dalhousie, Lanark, Ontario. d. April 29 1934 in Vancouver, BC. Daniel Robert: b. 1859 in Lanark, Ontario. d. Nov 15 1925 in Vancouver BC. m. April 19 1978 in Lanark, ON.

  • Margaret (Turnbull) Kerr

    b. June 15 1854 in Laurieston, Stirlingshire, Scotland.
    d. Feb 4 1920 in Scotland.
    m. William Kerr in Scotland.

  • William Smith

    b. Oct 20 1832 in Lanark Village, Lanark, ON.
    d. Nov 11 1915 in Lanark Village, Lanark, ON.
    m. Hannah Walker, Jan 29th, 1885

  • Alec McIntyre

    b. Oct 20 1832 in Lanark Village, Lanark, ON.
    d. Nov 11 1915 in Lanark Village, Lanark, ON.
    m. Hannah Walker, Jan 29th, 1885.

  • William Kerr

    b. 1847 in Muirkirk, Aryshire, Scotland.
    d. Sept 21 1903 in Scotland.
    m. Margaret Turnbull in Scotland.

  • Jennie (Hubert) Johnson

    b. 1845 in St Johns, NB.
    d. Nov 9th 1902.
    photo taken on her 90th birthday