Honouring my Ancestors
and Teachers

I’ve been lucky to study with many wise elders, and I’m grateful for their insights and teachings.

I honour my teachers and their lineages, and hope that I can build on what I’ve been given, to create something of value for those who come after me.

What is remembered lives.

I include my ancestors here, because I come from an ancestor-forgetting culture, and this forgetting is one of the sources of our death-phobia. As we restore our relationship to our dead, we begin to restore our relationship to death.

When I remember that I am one point in a long lineage, I feel gratitude for those who came before me, and pray that I will be a good ancestor to those who come after me.

  • James William “Bill” Kerr

    b. Jan 24 1936 in Coleman AB.
    d. April 5 2017 in Nelson BC.
    m. Sheila Alice Smith, Feb 21 1965 in Calgary AB.

  • Ruby Kerr

    Ruby Kerr

  • Kathleen “Kay” Isobel (Hanson) Kerr

    b. November 18 1919 in Saskatchewan.
    m. Jack Kerr.
    d. September 13 2015 in Blairmore, AB.

  • Simba Kerr

    1997 – 2012

  • Cody Kerr

    1996 – 2008

  • Zora (McNab) Smith

    b. June 7 1909 in Waldo, BC.
    d. July 24 2000 in Calgary, AB.
    m. Walter Smith, Sept 6 1936, Toronto, ON.

  • Jim and Florence (May) Kerr

    Florence Elaine (May): b. June 7 1908 in Lille, AB. d. August 1998 in Blairmore, AB.
    James Runciman: b. Feb 7 1905 in Bienfait, Rupert’s Land, NWT (now Sask) d. Aug 17th 1990 in Blairmore, AB. 
    m. August 10th 1931 in Medicine Hat, Alberta

  • Heidi Kerr

    1972 – 1990

  • Alb and Ida (McIntyre) May

    Ida Jane: b. Nov 29 1886 in Middleville, Lanark, ON. d. Nov 29 1971 in Medicine Hat, AB.
    Albert Daniel: b. Feb 13, 1886 in McDonald’s Corners, ON. d. Sept 21 1961 in Medicine Hat. m. June 19 1907 in Lanark ON.

  • Sarah and Walter Smith

    Walter T., b. 1875, Ireland. d. 1961, Calgary, AB.  
    Sarah E., b. 1876, Ireland. d 1960, Calgary AB.

  • Charles and Alice (Johnson) McNab

    Alice Maude: b. Sept 1972 in Fredricton, NB. d. Dec 30 1937 in Waldo, BC.
    Charles Duncan: b. July 9 1863, ON. d. 1960 in Calgary, AB.
    m. Aug 27 1902 in Nelson, BC.

  • Sarah Ann (Smith) McIntyre

    b. Feb 23 1857 in Smith Falls, ON.
    d. April 7 1939 in AB.
    m. Alexander McIntyre Dec 18 1881 in Lanark, ON.
    photo: Foremost, Alberta 1902

  • John and Annie (Runciman) Kerr

    Annie Thomson: b. Dec 1873 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. d. Aug 15 1932 in Passburg, AB.
    John: b. Dec 1873 in Damellington, Ayrshire, Scotland.  d. 1939 in Passburg, AB.
    m. 1903, Scotland.

  • Walter Alexander Smith

    b. June 30 1909 in Belfast, Ireland. 
    d. 1984 in Calgary AB. m. Zora McNab, Sept 6 1936 in Toronto, ON.

  • Alexander Clyde McIntyre

    b. Dec 14 1849 in Hopetown, Lanark, ON.
    d. Aug 22 1930 in Bellvue, AB.
    m. Sarah Ann Smith, Dec 18, 1881 in Lanark, ON.
    photo: Bassano AB, 1925

  • Dan and Agnes (Duncan) May

    Agnes: b. Jan 4 1861 in Dalhousie, Lanark, Ontario. d. April 29 1934 in Vancouver, BC. Daniel Robert: b. 1859 in Lanark, Ontario. d. Nov 15 1925 in Vancouver BC. m. April 19 1978 in Lanark, ON.

  • Margaret (Turnbull) Kerr

    b. June 15 1854 in Laurieston, Stirlingshire, Scotland.
    d. Feb 4 1920 in Scotland.
    m. William Kerr in Scotland.

  • William Smith

    b. Oct 20 1832 in Lanark Village, Lanark, ON.
    d. Nov 11 1915 in Lanark Village, Lanark, ON.
    m. Hannah Walker, Jan 29th, 1885

  • Alec McIntyre

    b. Oct 20 1832 in Lanark Village, Lanark, ON.
    d. Nov 11 1915 in Lanark Village, Lanark, ON.
    m. Hannah Walker, Jan 29th, 1885.

  • William Kerr

    b. 1847 in Muirkirk, Aryshire, Scotland.
    d. Sept 21 1903 in Scotland.
    m. Margaret Turnbull in Scotland.

  • Jennie (Hubert) Johnson

    b. 1845 in St Johns, NB.
    d. Nov 9th 1902.
    photo taken on her 90th birthday