If You’re Struggling with a Deathly Issue

Death is a complex soul-transformation,
for everyone involved.

If death isn’t met well (and it often isn’t) the pain can linger for a long time. I can help you untangle and bring healing to deathly issues like these, and many more:

  • The relationship is, or was, complicated
  • Your spiritual values that don’t match the rest of your family’s
  • There was no funeral, or you couldn’t attend the funeral, or the funeral wasn’t healing,
  • You’re exploring the spiritual implications of Medical Assistance in Dying
  • The death was never talked about
  • You’re planning to euthanize your pet
  • You died and have come back, and you need help making sense of it
  • You or your family are choosing to withdraw life support
  • There’s been a death, but there’s no body to bury
  • You’ve had the ashes for years, and you want to let them go, but something is in the way
  • Dead people are talking to you, or you’ve seen a ghost
  • You’ve had a miscarriage, abortion, or other pregnancy loss
  • You have another unresolved issue around a past, present, or future death

Again and again, I watch clients find peace and healing when their deathly issue is approached from a more complete understanding of the soul’s journey.

I offer a death map that includes the ancestors and future beings, the powers of spiritual healing, and the wider unseen world. If the modern materialist map hasn’t been able to bring you relief, I invite you to try this one.

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It was an incredibly healing day with my beloved cat. I would never have realized that this was an option without Sarah’s gentle guidance. I will always be immensely grateful to her.

~Helen W.