If Someone You Love is Dying

Cooperating with the Unavoidable

You’re a primary caregiver and you want to give your loved one a good death.

… But you don’t have a model of what that could look like, or guidance on how to make it happen.

You’re also caring for the rest of your family, and you know they need help navigating this loss.

… But you don’t know what will support them, neither do you have the energy to organize it.

You’re so busy as a caregiver and family leader that own grief goes untended.

… But you don’t have anyone who can hold a healing space for the whole family, including you.

A good death brings more love into the world

Even in tragedy and grief, people can come to feel more connected to each other, to the web of life, and to the sustaining powers of grace and compassion.

I can help you:

  • Prepare yourself, your family, and your loved one for the new relationship that death brings.
  • Amplify the miraculous moments, and align with the natural wisdom of what’s happening.
  • Learn what to expect, spiritually and energetically, before, during, and after the last breath.
  • Vigil at the deathbed, be with a body, and hold a funeral in a way that facilitates emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Become more resourced, resilient, and connected by being present to the gifts that death brings.

I also officiate community healing circles, goodbye rituals and living funerals, as well as funeral, memorial and celebration of life ceremonies.

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To work with Sarah through a death in a guided, intentional, and sacred way is powerful. It’s healing, and it has a lasting effect.

~Bruce R.