If You’ve Experienced a Sudden Death

My heart goes out to you

Death is hard, and a sudden or unexpected death is much harder still.

At the beginning, it seems like more than you can possibly bear. It feels like you won’t survive the overwhelming shock and grief. In time, though, and with good support, you will.

In my work with deaths by suicide, overdose, car accidents and more, I’ve seen how important it is to spiritually tend the hearts and souls of everyone involved. Finding a healing way to hold what’s happened is possible, no matter how difficult or tragic it is.

If someone in your life has died suddenly, please reach out.

You don’t need to know what you need, just call. I’ll help you find the support that works for you.

If the death was weeks, or months, or years ago, there can still be places where the healing energy is stuck. If you, your family, or your community are struggling to integrate a sudden or unexpected loss, I can help.

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In Sarah’s skilled hands I experienced the grace, the fearlessness and the professionalism of one who clearly understands this dimension of being human.

~Tere M.