Navigating Pet Death

Soul care practices for animals and people


with Dr. Sarah Kerr, PhD

Relationships with animals are emotionally and spiritually meaningful.

Learn to meet their death in a way that honours their soul’s journey, and yours.

A Comprehensive Sacred Deathcare Toolkit


Practical and spiritual guidance for giving an animal a good death


Grief-healing support for before, during and after a pet’s last breath


Ritual tools and practices for assisting others through the journey

“When my cat was dying, I didn’t know how to help her through the process, and my own grief was overwhelming.

Mitzie’s death was sad, but this course helped me face it in a way that felt beautiful and healing – for her and for me.”

– Leanne F.

Who want to meet pet death in a sacred way

  • Find emotional and spiritual support for yourself and your family
  • Care for your pet in their death as you’ve cared for them in their life
  • Bring ritual and energetic healing practices to your pet’s last days
  • Help your children navigate pet loss with resilience
  • Prepare now in case of sudden pet death in the future

Losing a pet is hard, but there are ways to make it easier.

Who are looking for ways to support your clients

Grief and deathcare professionals: Death doulas, Psychotherapists, Grief counselors, Spiritual directors

Animal care professionals: Vets and Vet techs, Animal communicators, Dog walkers, Groomers

And anyone who supports animals or the people who love them

  • Find language to discuss the spiritual dynamics of death and loss
  • Feel confident helping people make decisions about euthanasia
  • Support animals before, during and after the last breath
  • Learn ritual practices for pet death ceremonies
  • Support people and animals through the journey of death and loss

When you understand the spiritual dynamics of the dying process, you can feel confident helping others.

You can’t prevent death from happening, but you can choose to meet it in a sacred, and healing way.

Course Content

There are 14 teaching videos, as well as recorded Q&A’s from student groups.

The modules cover the spiritual, emotional and logistical aspects of pet death, from the beginning of illness or decline, to the ceremonies after death and beyond.

Sample Modules

Our spiritual responsibility to our pets

What it means to truly include them as family members

The journey of illness and decline

Ritual practices for when you know death is coming

The shock of a sudden death

Providing soul-support on both sides of the veil

Supporting children through pet death

Tools for meeting a difficult experience in a healing way

Preparing your pet for their euthanasia

Communicating and connecting so their soul is ready

Working with an animal communicator: Deepening your connection before and after death

Course Excerpt

From Module 9, Ritual practices for heart-centered euthanizing

How it Works

The course videos are organized in an easy-to-navigate online library

  • Jump to a specific module for an issue you’re facing right now, or watch the full series in order
  • Listen to Q&A’s from live recordings, for solutions to common challenges
  • Refer back to the video library whenever you need a refresher on a specific subject
  • The course includes pre-recorded teaching and Q&A’s.
  • All material is available as closed caption videos.
  • As there are no assignments or evaluation, this is not a certification program. Participants will, however, receive a Certificate of Completion, suitable for submission for CE’s or CEU’s (licensure dependent.)

Find the skills and confidence to meet pet death well.

Learn to support yourself, your pet, and other people through the journey.

$199 CAD (~$145 USD)

Full refund available within 30 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied


Dr. Sarah Kerr, PhD

I’ve been a ritual healing practitioner, death doula, and trainer since 2012. I have a doctorate in Transformative Learning and I’ve been a student of spiritual and systemic healing practices for almost three decades. I love animals, and have had pets all my life.

My students and clients understand that death and loss are important parts of their spiritual journey, but they don’t have a spiritual map to guide them through these experiences. I bring a map rooted in energy medicine, systems thinking, sacred sciences and ancient wisdom traditions.

I’m honoured to share what I’ve learned from my teachers, clients, and direct experience. I hope this course is helpful to you as you deepen your soul-based deathcare skills.

Student Reviews

Wisdom and practical skill-building

Sarah’s class was an amazing experience, containing tremendous depth and breadth of wisdom and practical skill-building. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

~Maxine S.

Amazing, positive, specific, detailed, practical information

This class, this wealth of information, it felt like a cornucopia, just overflowing with amazing, positive, specific, detailed, practical information. I feel like it answered all the questions I had, and even ones I didn’t have. It just opened up my mind to so many more possibilities. Yes, I have more questions, but that’s a good thing. It was excellent, and Sarah is a wonderful teacher.

~Julie S.

Academic and shamanic at the same time

Thank you for being both academic and shamanic at the same time- that is your gift! I really felt you were so articulate and heart-centered, it was amazing to me! Thank you for helping me really relax even deeper and with more clarity in my medicines.

~Olivia K.

Compared to other end-of-life doula trainings

I have been dabbling in end-of-life doula trainings and you are the most enthusiastic, real person I have yet to encounter. Keep up the good work and I look forward to taking your other courses.

~Cindy P.

A fundamental teacher for me

Thanks, Sarah. You have been and continue to be a fundamental teacher to me through your work and sharing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~Samantha R.

I’m leaving with lots more confidence

I’m leaving this class with confidence – a lot more confidence. I’ve been waiting since I was 5 to actually be able to talk to people about death, people who don’t shy away. Usually I can feel their energy moving away from me, and I haven’t had that today. And that’s the first time. Even at funerals, It’s very, very rare. Even with other spiritual practitioners that don’t deal with death; they deal with life and they have a hard time talking about death. The only other group that I’ve ever been able to communicate and to find the pure joy surrounding death is with animals. So I am beyond grateful for this class.
Thank you.

~Leah J.

Come on in, let’s explore this together

Sarah is very talented and inspired and brings a very vast body of knowledge into a form that you can dive into, and understand in a an easy way. But she’s not definitive. She’s pulling you in. She’s got lots of expertise, but she’s not the be-all, end-all. She’s saying, “Come on in. Let’s explore this together. I’ll be your leader.” But she’s not saying, ‘I’m all of it. I know everything.” Which is—it’s inspired— because she’s trying to create a collective consciousness around this space and this community.

~Marie L.

Sacred and soulful connection to the mysteries of life and death

I recently watched Sarah’s course ‘Awakening the archetype of the Deathwalker’ and there is something magical about the space that Sarah creates. Even though I was unable to make the live call, I most certainly felt connected to the field of containment that she created with the group.

There are few people in the current circles of the death community that bring pause and contemplation to a group field and I am grateful to experience that with Sarah’s course. I am inspired and cracked open to something more soulful and more alive in death. Sarah is authentic in her language and action.

The sacred, soulful and connected ways to the mysteries of life and death through the lens of an ancient newness are present in Sarah’s ways of teaching.

~Evamarie P.

Broaden your Knowledge | Deepen your skills | Grow Your Confidence

Learn to make pet death a healing experience for everyone involved

$199 CAD (~$145 USD)