A thousand thank-you’s for the beautiful responses to my announcements that I’m dancing with cancer again. I can’t tell you how meaningful your support is. I’m especially grateful for the women who shared their own cancer stories with me.

I’m heading into surgery on Friday. I’m feeling optimistic, well-equipped, and confident in my surgeon and the medical team.

This process hasn’t derailed me as much as it did last time, and I’ve been busy seeing clients and working on longer-term projects.

I’m looking at cancer through a variety of lenses, from mainstream allopathic oncology, to constitutional homeopathy, and pretty much everything in between. I find that they all have something useful to contribute.

Early on, someone told me that cancer can be understood as a lack of “I am” in the tissues. The job of the immune system is to identify what’s me, and aligned with my health, and to get rid of anything that’s not. My immune system hasn’t been doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s been confused about who “I am.”

This image really resonated with me, and a big part of my healing work has been to get clearer about who I am, and what’s true for me, and to live more and more from that place.

The material in the course I’m working on has been rolling around in me for ages, but I haven’t put it out into the world until now. It’s related to another journey, many years ago, that also brought me closer to my “I am.”

Outwardly, I was living in the world in a mainstream, materialist way, but it wasn’t truly me. On the inside, my true self was more spiritual, animist, and transpersonal. It took a lot of learning, growing, and integrating, but I eventually brought my life and my world into alignment, so I could be the same on the outside as I was on the inside.

It was a big process, and many times along the way, I wished for someone who knew the map, and could show me the way. Now, with this course, I’m beginning to offer to others what I wish I’d had. It’s the beginning of an exciting new direction for my work. It feels very true, and very connected to my larger healing journey.