I really appreciate the generous response to my last post. Social media is a complex beast, but when it’s good, it’s very good, and it’s been very good to me in many ways. Thank you.

Part of my healing journey around cancer has been to get clear on who I am, and to shift my life ever closer to that truth. Peace and health come when body and soul are together, when what’s inside and what’s outside are in alignment. My insides are changing and I’m inviting an outside change to match. I’m waking up my death doula practice again after my diagnosis, but it needs to be different than it was. I’m looking for Soul Passages 2.0.

When Elizabeth Gilbert is between projects, and not sure how to focus her energy and her creativity, she has a practice to invite guidance from the Muse. She imagines herself as a willing servant, standing at attention, awaiting orders.

In her mind’s eye, Gilbert sees herself dressed as a classic British servant, one for whom service is an honorable calling. She configures her energy in alignment with that image, holding a complete availability and desire to act on behalf of something larger than she is. Waiting for divine instruction becomes her job. It’s an active process, not a passive one.

I loved that image when I heard it, and I’ve been practicing Gilbert’s technique. When I summon the energetic configuration of a willing servant waiting for my next orders, I feel my whole being change. I become erect, alert, and ready. I’m more attuned to inner and outer messages, and I feel myself in collaboration with a conscious, living world. It’s empowering and exciting.

Then there’s the old adage to be careful what you ask for. Part of this process is trusting what comes, even if it’s not what I was expecting. Especially if it’s not what I was expecting. That’s empowering and exciting too (also a little scary.)

I’m not yet sure where this is all going. The idea seeds are still too tiny and delicate to put out into the world, but the vision is definitely forming itself. My task is to keep my heart open to the instructions and find the courage to do what’s being asked of me. That’s the spiritual practice.

I’d love to learn from how others navigate similar journeys. Can we have a hive mind response? How do you open yourself to larger guidance? How do you know you’re following it correctly? What lets you know you’re off track?

Many thanks for any insights you can share.❤️